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Sexual Abuse What can you do?
An Issue Knowbody Wants To Talk About

Sexual abuse is a terrible issue that rears its ugly head in society much more often than we would all like to see. However, if you suspect that someone you love is being faced with sexual abuse, it's never too early to take action. Learn about some of the signs to look for that could be possible suspicion of sexual abuse common in children.

It's important to note that children of different age groups will handle sexual abuse in different ways, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, it's best to keep an eye out for particular signs regarding the age group you're investigating to ensure you're coming to the correct conclusion and not making unwarranted accusations.

What Are The Signs?

There are many physical issues that stem from sexual assault in children that you can look for signs of. Some of these include painful urination and defecation; bleeding or other discharge from various bodily orifices; the presence of STDs; difficulty with walking, standing, or sitting properly; or even self-harm and suicide attempts.

Other Abuse Symtoms

Sexual abuse impacts the young mind and its development in a myriad number of ways, depending on the age of the child when the abuse began. Some signs to look for are sleeping problems, a general failure to thrive, lack of appetite, withdrawal, aggressive sexual behavior towards others, and suicidal thoughts and gestures.

Abuse Allegations

If you feel that your child or another child has been the victim of sexual abuse, it's time to look for help by contacting police. On the other side of the issue, if someone has falsely accused you of sexual abuse in Texas, speak with a Dallas, Houston, El Paso, or a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio to protect your rights and get the charges dropped.